The mission of STEM Psilocybin Chocolates is to eradicate the negative stigma associated with using medical magic mushrooms. Our goal is to promote a smooth microdose experience utilizing psilocybin chocolate for our clients from beginning to end while also assisting individuals who are health-curious with their education. We hold the view that changing our ideas can transform our lives. Buy Quality buds online In USA.

For purchases over $300 for any magic mushroom chocolate bar items, we offer free local delivery to metro Vancouver. We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We provide covert packaging and cross-Canada delivery for any other magic mushroom chocolate orders.

Belgian Callebaut chocolate and the most sought-after varieties of medical magic mushrooms are just a couple of the premium ingredients that go into our psilocybin chocolate bars. Respecting this magnificent species, we work to highlight its exquisite traits. Our goal is to motivate you to alter your thoughts, your way of life, and the course of the entire globe.


A third of the population in Canada is thought to experience mental health issues. The majority of modern drugs treat symptoms rather than the fundamental cause of a patient’s problems, and they rarely help people do so. A promising new method for people to improve their mental health is by taking little amounts of psilocybin. For many people looking for a different kind of treatment, this natural medication opens opportunities. We are capable of altering our life by altering our thoughts.


Buy Magic mushroom chocolate bars

The mind, body, and soul can all benefit greatly from using psychedelic mushrooms as a type of alternative medicine. Hallucinogenic mushrooms were first used 3,000 years ago in Mexico. You’ll feel upbeat, content, euphoric, tranquil, joyful, and well-adjusted. You’ll also have a few mildly disoriented visions.

Such psilocybin A relatively recent development, mushroom bars combine the enjoyment of eating chocolate with the psychedelic high they provide. The texture and flavor of milk chocolate mushroom bars are creamy, smooth, and sweet.

Disposable Cannabis Vapes

Certain times, simple is best. You may pick up a disposable vape and go, simplifying your day. They have a battery built in and are already loaded with cannabis concentrate. Choose from a range of flavors, intensities, and moods, including joyful Sativa and calming CBD!

Shop our collection of disposable vape pens in high-THC, high-CBD, hybrid, indica, sativa, or hybrid formats. Because they are all-in-one devices that can be used immediately out of the box, Delta 8 THC disposable vapes are an excellent replacement for cartridges. They don’t require recharging or refilling, are discreet, and are particularly portable. Our assortment of delta 8 disposables from top companies includes a variety of strain options, just the cleanest, purest ingredients imaginable, including the best organic, lab-tested hemp.

Cannabis Chocolate

Cannabis-infused chocolate bars made by MCE are delicious and efficient. We employ only the finest ingredients and methods that a local third-generation confectioner taught us. Our 90-gram chocolate bars with marijuana infusions come in 100mg and 500mg serving sizes and are available in milk and dark chocolate. Each bar consists of ten conveniently separated portions that are great for sharing or pacing. Our cannabis-infused chocolate bars are made to make you feel good, with minimal packaging made of recyclable materials.


Why Our Cannabis Infused Chocolate is the Best!

We ensure that each bite is not just delicious but also evenly dosed and effective by precisely dosing and integrating the cannabis extract into the chocolate. First, we create premium extracts from the cannabis flowers we have carefully nurtured. To ensure that the extract is safe for our customers, ourselves, and our loved ones, we send it to the lab for testing. The highest grade cocoa butter is then carefully combined with that extract to create a very concentrated combination. We once more deliver the dosed cocoa butter—which we jokingly refer to as “magicCB”—to the testing facility. This time, we want to be certain that we are working with the exact cannabis concentration. Next, we carefully and patiently combine the magicCB with the highest caliber ingredients.


The best place to buy chocolate with mushrooms is at Bud Exotics. At Psychedelic Bar Shop, we provide customers the opportunity to purchase premium Mushroom Chocolate Bars such as Wavy Bar Chocolate, Wonka Bar, Wavybar, Burma Shrooms, One-Up Bar, One Up Mushroom Bar, and many more.
It is also referred to as shrooms, mushies, Amani, and philosopher’s stones; the plant-grown mushroom is called Mushrooms Chocolate Bar. These chocolate bars with mushrooms contain psilocybin, a psychoactive and hallucinogenic substance.
It’s possible to consume magic mushrooms raw, cooked, in a dish, or as a tea. When taken, mushrooms generate the strongest high or “trip,” however due to their purportedly unpleasant flavor, tens of thousands of recipes, like mushroom chocolate, have been created. When referring to chocolate, the term “mushroom chocolate” is used.

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