The Loud Plug Benny Blunto Infused Blunt



You gas lovers should try this one! A high-THC Kush blunt wrap with the proper marks, a beautiful smooth flavor, and excellent terpenes. This blunt is ideal whether you’re a rookie smoker or an old pro. Smoke it alone or split it with some friends.

Cannabis consumption most frequently involves smoking, and there are numerous ways for users to do it.
Rolling papers, hand pipes, water pipes, and vaporizers are just a few of the tools available to cannabis smokers. These all offer various experiences and affect the quality of smoke smoked.


Many first-time users of vapourizers typically like them because they steadily heat plants to a temperature that is high enough to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids while also greatly reducing odor. There are many different types of vapourizers, and as technology advances, the industry grows.

Very Potent THC
% 32.00 – 40.00 | mg/g CBD 320.00 – 400.00
PLANT TYPE Indica | 0.00 – 4.00% | 0.00 – 40.00 mg/g Leading strain name
Cookies in pink

The Loud Plug Blunts: What Customers Are Saying

About The Guava Biscotti Blunts:

Pleasant-tasting tiny blunts that burn consistently and leave behind only white, clean ash. There’s a faint bubblegum flavor to the blunt wrap. Some clients claim that it has a berry or melon flavor. Compared to joints, they are much better rolled and generate a larger smoke. packed with fresh bud cultivated in a venerable British Columbia microgrower facility and rolled with chamomile tea leaves.

About Benny Blunto:

The blunt wrap starts out dark and gradually becomes lighter as the smoking progresses. The indica strain La Kush, which is used in the blunt wrap, gives off a rather potent and enduring high. In the bag, the blunt is not secured. The chamomille blunt wrap’s sweet flavor complements the La Kush strain perfectly. Use it in the evening instead because it could make you feel drowsy.

Where To Buy The Loud Plug Cannabis

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DIMENSIONS BRANDS 10 x 4.5 x 15 cm
Sound Plug
THC: Greater than 25%
Net Weight:
5 Net Weight
comparable to 5
THC Max 24
Max THC 31
A CBD Max 1
Terpenes Menthol, Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and Caryophyllene
Type of Plant Indica
The loud plug brand