Tremblant Sweet Cherry Infused Pre-roll


Cones stuffed with Tremblant’s famous hashish and Pink Cookies. Strong, pungent fragrance with an increase in hash potency.

Additional Information

1.5 Net Weight
comparable to 6
THC Min.
Max THC 30
Max CBD 0.15
Tremblant Cannabis, Tremblant Brand
Tremblant’s famous hashish, Pink Cookies, is an indica plant.

Important Notes About Eating or Drinking Cannabis and Consuming Products with High THC

  • To fully experience the effects of eating or drinking cannabis, let up to 4 hours. If you eat more at this time, it could have negative impacts that need medical attention.
  • You are more likely to suffer negative effects and higher levels of impairment the more THC a product contains.
  • All cannabis should be kept safely out of the reach of children and dogs, especially edible cannabis.
  • Contact your local poison control center or seek medical assistance if you or someone you know has accidentally taken cannabis or has consumed too much marijuana and is not feeling well.
Effects from smoking or vaping could start between seconds to minutes and extend up to six hours*.
Swallowing, eating, or drinking could have effects that start within 30 minutes to 2 hours and last up to 12 hours.
* Some side effects could persist for up to 24 hours.