Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate


 About Garden Society

The cannabis company Garden Society has also made a name for itself as one of the top sellers of cannabis goods in the country. Since 2016, Garden Society, a company based in Sonoma County, California, has offered customers premium cannabis products that reflect the natural wealth of the state’s wine area. The company sells consumables, pre-rolls, and flower that has been cultivated in the sun.


A full-spectrum Sativa strain of medical cannabis blended with the delectable, luscious flavors of peach nectar.


Product Types Offered

Garden Society Cannabis-Infused Chocolates:

Garden Society’s infused chocolates are premium edibles that might compete with some of the world’s most expensive chocolates. They are made with fair-trade chocolate and full spectrum cannabis oil. The chocolates are available in the following flavors and are sold in packs of ten or as single squares: spicy black chocolate, milk chocolate with chai, and milk chocolate with sea salt

Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate EFFECTS
Think of sweet meets spice with just the right amount of heat when you combine rich dark chocolate and the comforting Ceylon cinnamon
1- Euphoric
2- Focused
3- Relaxed
10 milligrams of THC is contained in each spiced dark chocolate serving. THC dosage of 100mg per package